13 September 2006

Challenge Is Proving Harder Than I Thought

Today I have a challenge on top of my DC's Fashion Week Challenge. In addition to trying to push the DC-style-envelope into this season with clothes from the last 6 seasons (and none from this), I've got an embassy event tonight. Romania's ambassador, the Honorable Sorin Ducaru, is headed home. He's had a wonderful run here in the States, and there's a farewell reception for him tonight at his residence.

So I have to be, all at once, envelope-pushing, work-appropriate (those two together are a snap with this fall's demure sexy looks), and dressed enough for an evening embassy event.

The solution?

Back-track a little into last fall.

Chocoloate baby velvet knit one-button blazer (BCBG) with little girl sleeves, a chocolate cotton tank (FCUK), a black & white houndstooth tweed paneled pencil skirt (Banana) - all last fall, and centuries old rose pink & brown pointy-toe sneaker-esque slingbacks (Nine West). Layered pale pink pearls & chains, and my teardrop pink pearl earrings from the wedding. Hair up in a ballerina-like bun, which works nicely with my new bangs (ok, so that's really all about me running terribly late this morning and only having enough time to deal with my bangs, and not the rest of my hair).

The whole effect is definitely demure sexy, which is definitely this season, and the tweed is oh-so-now, but the refined, ladylike jacket and pearls is, well, so last fall. But, as I constantly remind my 3 readers, if it works for you, go for it. Never mind the runways.

I'm getting closer to my challenge goal, but still haven't hit it. How 'bout you?


Miss Scarlet said...

I'm seriously poor right now in the midst of this job change so my shopping this season has been almost non-existant...BUT, my outfit today is one I love and it's attention-getting.

DC Celine said...

Scarlet, tell us about it...

Carrie said...

yes, tell us!

I felt a little mod today - jeans, black flats, cowl neck, and black cape cardigan. Big black resin hoops that I scored in Rehoboth Beach for $14, love them.

and Celine, I feel the same way - who cares if it's from last season or 3 years ago...if you love it, then that's all that matters. Hammer pants being the exception.

DC Celine said...

I'm in love with cowl necks - so graceful & flattering...thrilled that it's fall again & I can go find some - not that summer versions (on evening gowns, or wedding dresses, for example) aren't wonderful, too. Some of my favorite tops over the years have been the delicate drape.

And mod, I think, looks good on just about everyone, anytime...