19 September 2006

Drab D.C. Image? I Beg to Differ

There were 600 well-dressed women at the District Sample Sale last week.

A Muléh fashion event at the Four Seasons next week is "sold out."

There are boutiques all over the District, not to mention the 'burbs.

I chastised myself for saying that DC women have no style.

And Mui's article in today's Post takes us back three big steps. If the primary view literate America has of the District talks about how much of an exceptional thing our collective shoe-obsession is, then we're fighting a tough battle - that I really don't think needs to be fought.

"Develops a taste for Manolo and Jimmy?"

I beg your pardon.

Carbon, known for hard-to-find styles just opened a second location in Woodley Park.

Simply Soles and unsungdesigners.com, two national websites, are based and thriving in D.C.

The Devil premier after-party was a room full of incredibly dressed women.

Everywhere I go, I find that women are tired of the "boring D.C." label - because we've never been boring. We're strong, we're opinionated, we love our clothes, and we love style. We're tired of a few lobbyists wearing nuttin-but-navy giving us a bad name.

So, WaPo, knock it off - go ahead and write the story about fashion in D.C., but give us something more than the same old, same old. Highlight the businesses that are thriving here. Share stories of what women on the street are wearing. Talk about the groups popping up- on and off-line dedicated to style and fashion.

But don't call us drab.


Carrie said...

While we all witness fashion disasters of vast proportion everyday, I have actually noticed over the last couple of weeks a lot of women with great outfits. I've been half tempted to do something like the Sartorialist and take pictures - they look that good.

Yes, DC is a fashion community unto itself, but we are more New York fashion than anything else. Maybe not quite as hip, but honestly, I like it that way.

BabsieD said...

Perfectly stated, Ms. Carrie!