29 September 2006

The Height of Procrastination

The window's open, I pulled the cork on a cab, and I ate some plain-ish pasta to settle my tummy (old people like me hurt their backs, and have to take really strong medicine that eats at their stomachs).

I really, really, really should be reading my "Why Change Plans Don't Work" article for class, and moving on to the riveting textbook.

But I turned on the TV while I was eating, and somehow the dial made it to MTV.

I just spent the last half hour listening to and watching "The Life & Rhymes of Snoop Dogg."

And I really liked it.

A lot.

It might have something to do with all the Throwback (with a capital "T") tunes he was referencing.

Never mind that I'm pretty sure this Stillers-gear wearin' man in pigtails who's supposed to be tougher-than-tough was caught, on film, for all of us to see, remember, and post, doing the White Man's Overbite.

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