04 October 2006

Shopping for a Cause - It's True

So it's shopping disguised as a charity benefit. I donated! And I promise, M & H, that I'm not going to blow the bank on anything extravagant. I'm just going to replace my goopy Laura Mercier mascara (it gets those clumps up at the rim that ooze over when I screw it closed - a mess, and too much to deal with, despite how much I like the mascara itself) and replensih my Kiehl's eye cream (works wonders), and maybe, just maybe, if they carry my signature Paloma (which I don't think they do), I'll replace it (I'm completely empty! I've been scentless for weeks now!). But that's it. I promise. Sort of.

But more importantly, The Tory Pants Fit (and who says you can't loose weight overnight)! How very exciting. It's really way too warm to wear them, but they fit perfectly, and are sailor-tailored. I paired with my Chie Mihara pumps and one of my Romanian iie. I was buzzing around this morning trying to figure out what to wear. I was trying to figure out what to wear without repeating my favorite brown blazer, and I mumbled out loud about my go-to iie being a possibility.

"I don't think that's going to work," interjected H.

So I tried to explain that the tailored sailor could juxtapose nicely with the boho of the blouse. As good as he usually is at this, he didn't get it. Until I put it on.

"That works," he approved.

And so my shoes are off under my desk, trying to save my poor, injured back from my style decision to wear these pants and no flats (they're just too long, flats aren't possible). I have no idea how I hurt my back, but I'm back in The Land of the Flats. I only hope the photographer catches me tonight, and not my physical therapist.

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NotCarrie said...

I'm seriously addicted to Kiehls:)