18 September 2006

Looking for LA Tips

H just landed in LA for a 1-night business trip (alltogether now: "Networking"). He made a friend on the plane, and he asked me for LA shopping tips. The only thing I could come up with was Kitson.

All this time I've spent in the LA area (previous position took me through LA to parts desert), and I haven't figured out anything beyond the obvious. Anyone out there have tips for our plane friend?

I also made him promise to tell her about this site. Nothing like a little shameless self-promotion. So Plane Friend, if you're out there, and you had success getting to Kitson (I drove around for about an hour, and couldn't find N. Robertson), and/or you find other tips you'd like to share, please post a comment and share, so other LA-bound DC-ites can shop well in LA.


Carrie said...

Of course my Lucky is in the car (and I live in an apt complex, so it's not exactly just outside), but I want to say they mentioned a couple of gems this month in LA. I will get back to you on that. Lucky online also has city shopping guides, and they find really good stores.

caphillbarbie said...

I went to school on the Left Coast, and still have some friends out there, so I take a few shopping trips out there a year.

Kitson is on N. Robertson which is one of the best shopping streets in LA. About a two block strip of awesomeness. Stop by the Newsroom for pre-shopping sustinance in the form of everything steamed-soy-organic.

West Third Street in Los Angeles (NOT Santa Monica) has some great stores, including the Sigerson Morrison store and Zipper.

The promenade (3rd st. in Santa Monica) is home to most of the big box stores, while Main Street and 17th st in Santa Monica house some more offbeat funky stores.

Santa Monica is also home to one of the Fred Segals, the other is on Melrose, which is also another interesting shopping drag. Of course there is Rodeo and Beverly, but honestly, the stores there are nothing special. They do have a big Barney's though...

Also, be sure to carry a Coffee Bean Iced Blended at all times and also realize that some stores aren't in a neighborhood per se, and you just plain have to drive to them specially which is very LA.

DC Celine said...

Thanks, ladies...hopefully, Plane Friend will connect & be able to check these out.

CapHillBarbie - does this mean you're back from Italy? We wanna hear!

the real j said...

ok, i know this is late, but i just got back from LA yesterday and have some shopping tips. First place is my favorite favorite and it's called Diana's, in Studio City, yes, the Valley. But I assure you its a nice place. My best friend has been living down the street from this place for a couple years now and swears by it. In my past two trips it has never failed to supply original, hip, and even AFFORDABLE threads. Bonus, you can do some site seeing while there, for it's across the street from the notorious Vitello's; the italian joint Robert Blake "didn't" shoot his wife at. Also, you can grab a lite lunch and great coffee down the block at Aroma.
Second tip, we were in Laguna Beach for a wedding, (not much like the show except for the ferraris and gorgeous.) If you are ever there, i highly recommend Veronica M. What a great boutique of original designer pieces. And i could afford it. Alway a draw for me.

Just had to share.
Veronica M in Laguna, and Diana's in Studio City.