16 October 2006

Broken Promises & PJs

I'm still schlepping around the goodies.

And I found a picture of the Hooker Dress. I haven't yet decided if I'm gutsy enough to share it online - it is a friend of a friend, of course.

But it all went by the wayside because I was, again, at work until 3:30 last night. Needless to say, today was spent (after I slept two hours, got up for 0700 PT, only to have my therapist oversleep & be 1/2hr late, then struggle back home, where I couldn't fall asleep) in bed. Sound asleep. And I'll be repeating the bed part tonight.

I wish I could say I had lovely stylish PJs, but ancient velour track pants and a t-shirt - that clash horribly - are all I can put forth. Maybe that's something for the list.

1 comment:

Miss Scarlet said...

Your hours make me tired!

I have a fashion question when you have time: I need a new winter coat. A warm one that is also fashionable, but I'm over the pea-coat look and that's all I see out there! I have two of those and I want something DIFFERENT. Any thoughts?