12 October 2006

You're Not Going to Believe Me Anymore

I had perfume sample wrappers, mini-lip glosses, scribbled names of perfumes, and my swag bag piled on my desk at 8:30 this morning.

I had the most wonderful description of In the Mood in my head.

And then Blogger and my computer had a disagreement.

All day long (ok, not really all day long, I was actually pretty busy running down WebEx links today) I tried to log on and post.

And now it's late, especially since I was up at 5:15 to get my rear end to PT before work, and I'm just too tired to pull out all of the wrappers and mini-glosses all over again. So I'm going to pledge to you that I'm going to try, try, try to share tomorrow morning.

But I'll tide you over* with this: Marc Jacobs' fragrance sample comes not in those terribly annoying and difficult to open little tubes, but in an adorable mini version of the actual bottle - which is modern and ladylike all at the same time. While sweeter than I usually like, it's just a little bit spicy and warm, and very wearable. And apparently, I should wear it. I've been told (names withheld - for now - to protect the not-even-remotely innocent) that it's "stripper perfume." That, sources say, is a very good thing.

*As if you're all waiting with baited breath for me to tell you about this.


Miss Scarlet said...

I am!


DC Celine said...

Thank you, Miss Scarlet, for giving a @#$%. (Sorry! Just had to!)

BabsieD said...

You know I hold your opinion near and dear as well, so I am, too!!!!