10 October 2006

Proposal: Style Study

I know I promised a bunch of posts prior to this, but I just had to share.

A coworker, Lebanese Princess, shared this Reuters story linking good style & ovulation. I kid you not.

The skinny: according to this study, women tend to step up the fashion at just about the same time as they're ovulating.

The analysis: we could certainly hypothosize this to death (ok, so it's really quite obvious, but we could postulate further)

The proposal: we Women of Blogland conduct our own informal study, and post the results here. Just keep a mental note of what you wear around the 15th day of your cycle, and there you go.

Gentlemen readers, if you're in tune with your female friends' worlds, you could probably figure it out and share your own data (I am not, I repeat, not, proposing that you go out and ask randomly well-dressed women if they're ovulating - though the results of that study might be interesting, too).

Yes, yes, for all you geeks out there, we may very well have contaminated the subject pool by revealing the results of the previous study, and we'll all now try to dress it up on that day. But really. This is an informal, observational study. I'm just curious, for crying out loud!

Who's in?


BabsieD said...

I'm in. Although I'm usually too busy crying/whining/bitching/eating (okay, and shopping) before I realize "Oh, that's where I am in the whole cycle of things." But I'll give it a try!

Natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

I'd be willing. Curious now how it works... If I truly pay attention to when I'm ovulating, you can bet I'll be sporting a chastity belt!

DC Celine said...

Maybe we can convince a designer - or better yet, start our own line - of fashion-conscious CBs ;-)