07 November 2006

Defining Style By Your Choices

...to ignore.

The final sentence of Robin Givhan's 27 October Post article says just enough. And states the absolute truth. Naturally, every day we go to our Closets, we make choices about what we will wear. On the odd day, for most of us (without bazillion dollar limits on our credit cards), we might even make a choice about what we buy.

InStyle, Glamour, Isaac, and all of the rest of the nice, helpful people out there write us lists and lists of how to build a staple wardrobe that's adaptable to fashion trends by season. The LBD. A pair of well-fitting black slacks. Black pumps. (Never mind that the list is often full of black pieces. That's entirely beside the point.) But what comes out, if we don't decide to personalize it at all, and use that as our solo wardrobe, is Boring.

Then they print pages and pages of how to follow the trends. Buy Balenciaga (or knockoffs) this season! Buy Fendi next season! Cyan is this season's color. Now pomegranate.

What style is ultimately about, of course, is expressing yourself in a way that you (and, I just have to say - Infintessimal Readership, comment away!) and others around you feel appropriate and best suits you. It doesn't matter if something is in style or not in style. Your style is always. Pick the pieces that are yours, and what is you.

Now, that's certainly nota a reason to go out looking like a schlump (at least 99% of the time). Take care of yourself - by selecting - and not selecting - what works for you.

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