07 November 2006

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way...

...to work this morning. About two weeks ago, when the first real cold snap hit our nation's capital, I noticed that the Metro had gone dark. Dark clothing, I mean. Navy peacoats, black leather jackets, charcoal trenches. You name it, it was dark. It was a bit depressing. Last winter, I distinctly remember seeing all sorts of lovely bright wool on my morning commute.

And then, this morning, I saw something different.


First, there was the man leaning nonchalantly by the door. The nonchalance was that much stronger for the 70's era, Steve-McQueen-esque, well-worn jacket he had on. In caramel.

Then, as I got up to change trains at Metro Center, I spotted a couple (most likely European - she had that distinctive Euro-red auburn hair) in similar, but specifically not matching caramel bombers. Not particularly chic, mind you, but the color caught my eye.

I'd love to think that this is a little trend of our own here in DC.


Miss Scarlet said...

This did make me want a caramel macchiato.

DC Celine said...

You know, Miss Scarlet, I've never had one. Methinks I oughta try - though forgoing even a day of gingerbread latte season...funny thing is, I grew up not liking caramel so much, but now I love the burnt sugarness of it.