10 November 2006

H Can Pick Out a Foundation Brush

H is the best. Really, really the best.

When I called him crying this morning because I was totally frustrated at work (it's a holiday, mind you, and I don't need to be crying at work on a holiday), he sat quietly (mostly) and listened until I calmed down.

And when I'm still at work, even though we have plans tonight, he offered to bring my stuff to me and pick me up. That, of course, required a lengthy email with details on which makeup and brushes to bring.

And he did beautifully. One call to me to clarify the brushes, and he was golden. Got my shoes, my favorite soft long t-shirt, and even my Paloma.

Fortunately, it's just a casual evening for drinks and dessert, but really, it's above and beyond. And I really love him for it.


Miss Scarlet said...

Good thing you married him. He's a keeper!

DC Celine said...

I agree. I'm lucky. Really really lucky. So in the end, he forgot the Paloma. I forgave him.

Carrie said...

amen, sister! does he have any like minded single friends? :-)