21 November 2006

Turkey Day and Travel Wear?

If you're not on the road already (and bless you, if you're reading this from the road), chances are you'll be packin' up the non-minivan (because I just can't believe anyone reading this would have one) and hitting the highway to Grandma's house tomorrow or Thursday. I know we will. Every time we go away, it's like we're moving. Car's full to the gills. And it's just three of us.

So as I ponder what to pack for my Turkey Day weekend in Sea Isle City, NJ, with ventures into A.C. (Brenda Lee Christmas Spectacular at the Tropicana, here I come!), I wondered how the Infintessimal Readership deals with Turkey Day duds - and what do you wear in the car? Is the car trip one of those (rare) occasions when it's ok to be schlumpy? Or are you of the "I don't take out the trash without lip gloss" set? What's the accepted gear at Grandma's or Auntie Jean's house?

Me? I'm somewhere in between. My oh-so-over J-Lo-esque velour track pants will certainly be in the luggage, but the makeup case and hair dryer are still coming with me. Maybe the curling iron, too (my new best friend for the days when I really don't feel like washing my hair). Good jeans, of course, and conservative but classic sweaters will probably round out the bag. I may even bring my running shoes - not to run, of course, heaven forbid - for a wintery stroll along the Sea Isle boardwalk. If I had any reasonable layers that didn't make me look like a kid going out in a snowstorm, I'd certainly don them, and live up to the layer, layer, layer fall mantra, like the sleek Balenciaga ensemble at right.* But I don't.

The one item that will definitely go with me? My reversible (yup, it is) leather and rabbit fur jacket. My dad would nickname me "Nanuck of the North" if he saw me in it, and it's the coziest thing I own. Clich├ęd pictures of me cuddled up on the boardwalk with windswept hair, anyone?

*Thanks, Style.com, for the picture!


BabsieD said...

I don't have a set wardrobe-on-the-road agenda. I think it depends where I'm going and the mood I'm in about going there.

My favorite roadside find: a hot pink, glitter "New Jersey" babydoll-T found at the Clara Barton reststop on the Turnpike! Best $18 I've ever spent.

Happy Turkey Day, my dear Celine!

Miss Scarlet said...

Car rides usually equal comfy jeans (i.e. not too tight, low, etc.) and a comfy, yet stylish sweater. I'll probably wear this hott skirt I have that I got WAY on sale and a black sweater on T-Day. We're actually going out for it so I want to look good, but also not confined, HAHAHAHA!

Have a great trip:)

MotorCity Girl said...

Fall travel = wool jumper and boots. No waistband makes it comfy and it still looks put together!

31204ever said...

Oh wise Celine, what shoes go best with dry turkey?

DC Celine said...

Motorcity Girl - agreed. No waistband = my motivation for "going JLo" on our travels. Jeans stayed in the suitcase. And w/ all of the great jumpers out this season (H spotted my favorite unprompted in the Michael Kors store this weekend), there are plenty of options.

31204ever - running shoes.