16 November 2006

A Particularly D.C. Kind of Bling

I love the fact that when you see shiny stars on D.C. Metro rides, it can really mean something. We're not into bling for the sake of bling, you see. Stars are stars, and when there are two of them, it means that the person wearing them has earned them.

Earned the rank of Rear Admiral, Upper Half in the U.S. Navy, that is. We won't talk about how cool it is that a 2-star admiral is riding the Metro for what was clearly his morning commute (admirals usually have access to motor pools, after all).

What is cool is the fact that we D.C. Fashionistas can, and should, take inspiration from what is distinctly our own, and has been for a long time. Not just because military-chic is all over the runway, but because it defines our city, and honors our warfighters and our history.

Never mind that a few extra shiny buttons and a fitted cut flatter us all - and will make a fab addition to the upcoming holiday circuit. Velvet jacket, anyone?

Now, if we could just get all of the congresspeople and lobbyists to stop wearing those silly little pins to "identify them with a cause," I'd be a really happy D.C. camper.


Carrie said...

Here, here.

A very nice man in uniform helped me get up from a nasty (and embarrassing) fall on the escalator at Dupont last night. Good man!

DC Celine said...

It's one of my absolute favorite things about DC.

BabsieD said...

Mine too. I worked with a 3-star at my last job--he was a Korean War hero and was one of the smartest, nicest, and most fascinating people I've ever come across.

And yes, I HATE the pins. One of the reasons our country is great is because you don't have to blatantly wear your patriotism everyeveryeverywhere you go.

Anonymous said...

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