04 November 2006

Update: DC Celine's Own Style Dilemma in Bridesmaid "Heaven"

To the polls, George...

Alana has a 3 point margin over Josephine, at 5 votes to 2.

The League of Voters, however, neglected to share a couple of things. In order that voters can fully consider their options, we will allow an unprecidented ability to re-vote, should any of the information below change your mind.

If not, then the vote stands as above. Voting will continue for about a month, and we'll post weekly updates on the polls.
  • Baby Sis is allowing each of us to select our own dress style. The only things she's specified in Bridaldom are the color (close to that cement shown here) and the fabric, shantung. So far, 3 of the 6 maidens are leaning towards totally different dresses.
  • The dramatic back shown on long Alana doesn't repeat on short Alana. I could spend an extra 100 smackeroos plus to buy the long one, then shorten, but I'm thinking it's not necessarily worth it.
  • The bride doesn't get to vote - especially when she can't make up her mind!
  • And yes, Cha, the irony of the election season was duly noted as I typed the original post.

Vote or revote away! Don't forget to read the original post with all the details.

...Back to you, Diane.

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