18 December 2006

Baby B's Fashion Score

Baby B set out yesterday to wrap up most of her Christmas shopping. Tysons, naturally, was her weapon of choice. She deliberately left her b-friend at home - she needed to focus.

Mom - check.
Dad - check.
Sis - check.
Cuzzin - check...

She blazed through her list.

Then she poked her head in at Urban Outfitters. Goal: to find an under $20 gift for a friend gift exchange back home. Good choice, I say. Their mix of funky and fun accessories and home dohickies is sure to meet the goal.

So she found this tongue-in-cheek carry all (I suppose there's an unintended pun in there - sorry). Perfect to keep your sense of humor on your commute, throw in your gym stuff for post-holiday self-promises, and priced at $9.99. Next stop, go find something cute to put inside, and goal accomplished.

She heads to the register.

"You're going to be really happy," the girl behind the counter says. "It's $1.99."

In a flash, Baby B went back to pick up a few more. 6 bucks later, she had 3 gifts (one for herself, of course, and 2 for friends).

Now the question is: Does she need to go fill it with $18 worth of goodies to hit the $20 mark?


Miss Scarlet said...

I say no.

MotorCityGirl said...

Totally agreed. Gifts aren't about the money.

Anonymous said...

What the hell? If she spends $10 on a few little goodies - she is still ahead $8. And, everyone will be impressed with her generosity ... and ingenuity!