22 December 2006

Well-Done: Skinny Jeans on Curves

Chatting with a colleague in her cube this morning, and Lebanese Princess comes by.

"Look at you, looking me up and down," she says to me.

Caught. She looks great. Really well done take on casual Friday to incorporate "skinny jeans" for the office.

Her secret? They're not skinny jeans. They're straight legged. But on her curves, they hug in all the right places and just make her look fabulous.

The layered button-down with big cuffs and sweater finish it off nicely.


Miss Scarlet said...

I love the pockets on those jeans.

Anonymous said...

These look great for my bodacious bootie... Thanks for the tip, as I normally avoid skinny jeans (even when I'm in shape) - highlighting thighs and butt are not my goal... Still, this looks great on this particular woman with a bit of junk in the trunk! I'm gonna give it a whirl...

Champagne said...

She looks so feminine and put together. The whole outfit looks great.