27 December 2006

DC Celine is a Slacker

But you knew that already.

So there was Christmas, and I deliberately left my computer at work (most brilliant decision).

And then there's work. Back in crazy land again.

Of course, I usually get in to blogging mode with the high workload, as a break. But right now, energy level is low, so motivation factor matches it.

But I do have things to say. At the top of my list are
  • Talking about the girl's tux (yes, per today's Express "File Under Fad"). It's a topic near and dear to my fashion heart.
  • Trying to figure out what to wear. Yup. My wardrobe is officially falling apart. Literally. Shoes have holes, as do sweaters (it's amazing what you can do with a black bra behind a black sweater with a hole in it). Black slacks are starting to look grey, and heels have come off of shoes. Walking on metal is not comfortable. So before I get to the real post on that, any input on good finds is more than welcome.
Hope you're having a wonderful, merry, and joyous season.

Now go slack off a little! You owe it to yourself!


Carrie said...

girl, it takes a lot of thought and time and effort to rebuild a wardrobe. that's a job in and of itself...so i don't think you're slacking.

however, making lists of things i'm getting from sephora with my gift certificates? that's slacking.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually wearing the black holey sweater/black undergarment concoction right now. But I was too lazy to find a black bra and a black tanktop was on top of a pile, so that's what I went with.

But I'm just so over winter (and it hasn't even gotten cold yet!).

Happy holidays, my dear Celine!

DC Celine said...

I love you both, my dears...LOL, Babsie D, I knew there was something to the scotch-loving, Terp alumnae, fashion diva connection

Carrie M said...

ooh ooh! i'm also a terp grad! power to the terp fashionistas! ;-)