28 December 2006

Style Dilemma: Loosing Your Pants

I'm a little sad. Despite her being on the East Coast this Christmas, I missed seeing MotorCityGirl (and more importantly, meeting her incredibly adorable daughter). But as she drove west this morning, she called me from the mountains of Western Pennsylvania to chat. In the midst of other catching up, she told me about her latest fashion find.

You see, there are plenty of women out there who don't want to wear "mom jeans," but who are, in fact, moms, and who have hips. Ok, so that's really 98% of the population. Little known - or rather, little-admitted fact: low-cut jeans fall off of women with hips. So what's a girl to do if she wants to stay away from the dreaded tapered leg?

She makes a beeline for Old Navy, and picks up Women's At-Waist Stretch Boot-Cut Jeans. 20th, even 21st century, in a couple of different shades (I'm always personally partial to the darker washes - I still get 80s and early 90s flashbacks when I see anything lighter than midnight blue), they've got the stretch comfort factor and the boot cut fashion factor.

Never mind that they're $29.50. Oh - and they're apparently only available online. So use your post-holiday sloth to surf over to www.oldnavy.com and purchase away!


Miss Scarlet said...

Haha, my sister and I have a pact to never wear jeans with too long of a zipper. You're right about low rise falling off, hahaha.

Carrie M said...

genius! now, why in the hell wouldn't they make this in women's plus? do people actually think that low rises are a good thing for women with a little extra around the middle?

for crying out loud...but good find though!

31204ever said...

I live in fear of Mom Jeans. If I ever start heading down the Mom Jeans path, I expect my dear friend DCCeline to stage an intervention. I have been searching for good jeans for months now, maybe I'll give these a try.

Ladybug said...

It's funny you should post something about jeans because I recently went shopping for the "perfect" pair. Whatever that means. I am tired of the low-risers also, especially since I have a pudgy mid-section (NOT sexy). But I am also tired of the boot cut because that means I HAVE to wear heels of some sort. And I just went out and bought a ton of cute flats!

I don't have the budget to invest in some Earnest Sewn's yet, so my solution was this: I bought a couple of pairs of Levi's 515 dark-wash jeans (about $35 at Sears), and kept one pair boot cut and took the other to my tailor to make into a straight leg (not skinny) for my flats. Wala--dilemma solved (for me anyway!)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of mom jeans, when I went home for Christmas my Mom was wearing non-mom jeans. My whole family commented on them and how fantastic her plus-sized self looked in the dark, non-tapered jeans. She bought them without any prompting from me. Perhaps retailers are getting the message that mom jeans don't look good on anyone. Let's hope so.

the real j said...

And guess what i hear is coming back...my personal fav: the jean trouser! Yeah!! Die skinny jean, DIE! Hope they and the too-low(-to-fit-an-ample-butt)-rise jeans go back to the depths of hell from which they came.