10 January 2007

Almost Out of the Rut

So part of the non-posting has been plain ol' busy. And part has been practically sheer embarassment. I'm incredibly non-stylish at the moment. Presentable? I'd say barely, but not even remotely "ooh, great [insert item of clothing here]"-inducing from colleagues or people on the street. I'd forgotten about all of my Thanksgiving-AC-purchases, and so desperately need to wash my tights and reheel my shoes that my wardrobe options are limited.

Then, last night, I remembered my boots.

Thank goodness.

They're enough to pull me up out of the rut - at least a little. A few compliments (so good when you get one before 8:30am) might just help me get there.

Next time I announce I'm in a rut, remind me that I should pull out the boots. They'll work like a charm.


Carrie M said...

those are some fab boots!

BabsieD said...

You know how I feel about 'em.

I'm with you. Lame about posting (working my new job and old simultaneously = very, very stupid), plus schlumpy as can be. Am once again wearing the holey black cardigan, and my eyes are bothering me so I had to dig my glasses out that I probably bought in the mid '90s (maybe earlier). It's not good, my friend, not good at all.

DC Celine said...

thank you, miss m ;-)

and babsie d, i hear you. top on my new years list: buy new glasses that don't hurt my eyes when i wear them. terrible.

Dariaux said...

What has pulled me out of the doldrums is the best Xmas gift - a red wool polo coat. Sounds simple but it makes me feel soooooo elegant.