11 January 2007

Random Fashion Musings

No, I don't really sit around all day and take pictures of my feet. I just have a few style ramblings for today, and thought I'd show you my work habitat...and my Circa by Joan & David pumps. (Yeah, yeah, yeah...sorta an old lady brand, but...) And we will not show you the khaki slacks I'm wearing, because they really don't go with the trouser socks the shoes force me to wear because otherwise they'd give me nasty ol' blisters and I can't wear any other shoes because I've worn the heels off of all of them.

My random thoughts:

Good: a sweater you can count on no matter what, even if it has a hole in it that you can camoflage with a same color bra. You feel comfortable in it, and confident. Always a good thing.

Better: Foortwear any color other than neutral, worn with a neutral or at minimum monochromatic ensemble. Gets compliments every time.

Best: Recognizing that your ability to not slip in said footwear is significantly impaired by its leather soles on the metal grid of the metro escalator and tile floor (why do they use that ridiculously slippery floor?!), and deciding not to walk down the escalator, despite the 100s of morning travelers streaming past you, the only under-60 person standing on the escalator. Because if you didn't stand still, you'd end up like the guy who went through the turnstile in front of you - on his face. Which, though very everyman, is decidedly unstylish.


Carrie M said...

you rock those pumps, dear. and i love the tights!

i just scored a great dress on sale tonight for my bday party tomorrow night...so jazzed. would it be weird to carry my kooba around with me all night? LOL

Anonymous said...

I slipped down the steps at the graduation for my first degree - which was caught on camera of course, that was bad enough, but the shoes I was wearing at the time were hideous - I should have known better but they were a pressure buy... and I think mum may have been with me!!! ha ha ha. Or at the back of my mind suggesting the 'sensible' options! So to me standing still on the escaltor for fear of a social/physical faux pas sounds perfectly reasonable! Take care flower.
love Amy, Cambridge (ish), England. xx

DC Celine said...

Carrie M - of course it wouldn't be wierd - it's an Accessory (note the capital "A")

Ames - I knew I'd have your support in not walking the escalator.