17 January 2007

Dressing in the Dark

Today was apparently a bad day for dressing in the dark.

M wrote: I just wanted you to know I pulled a "Mick" the other day and didn't realize until the end of the day. Definitely pulled out the brown socks to wear with my black shoes and pants. That's what happens when you get dressed in the dark!

M wasn't the only one.

4:30am - alarm goes off
4:45am - 2nd alarm goes off. Decide to get out of bed because if I don't, I'll completely fall back asleep and not get to work by 6 to print out what needs to be ready for the 9am meeting but wasn't ready until my boss finished it at 4:17am (note that I'm taking better care of myself - it was not me here at 4:17am).
5-ish - get out of the shower, makeup, blowdry bangs (b/c that's all I can manage at 5 in the morning). Get dressed. Black skirt, claret sweater, black big houndstooth tights. Go for my standby black patent leather flats.
5:15 - totally frustrated, groan and whine loud enough for H to hear me and wake up. Can't find my darn shoes that I know I left on the floor by the chair and didn't move all weekend, even though I should have.
5:30 - H and I have been round and round, crawling on the floor, trying to find the shoes. "Why don't you just wear another pair?" you ask. Well, as I've whined about previously, none of my other shoes are wearable, essentially. And I was wearing black tights & a claret sweater, which minimizes my color choices. Blue shoes (previous post) are out - wore them yesterday, never mind that would be too many colors. Brown pumps - too painful, and don't go with outfit on. Moccasin flats? H suggested. Uh-uh, I whine, as I have to run a meeting today with external folks, and was supposed to go to a networking thing this evening. 1 - they don't go. 2 - not professional enough. Whine.
5:35 - rip through my closet. Nothing.
5:36 - rip through the drycleaning bag. Pull out my black slacks, and attack the white mark on the pant leg with a washcloth. Pull out a standby black knit top, and bring out the red patent leather pumps (which are much brighter - a lovely deep red, not so maroon as in the pic at left).
5:40 - grumpily - ever so grumpily, leave H waving sweetly at our apartment door. Text message a colleague to tell him I'm on my way - late because I couldn't find my shoes. Morning fashion crisis (that felt like waaaaaay more than a fashion crisis) averted.
20 bucks to the person who recognizes: "All for the want of a horseshoe nail."

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