17 January 2007

Tagged by a Muse

The Liquid Muse tagged me with her "Five Things You Don't Know About Me." This will, of course, ruin the game for any facilitator who tries the icebreaker with questions not known about participatns.

1) I was in the Harvest Queen Pageant in 12th grade. I didn't win. Not even Miss Congeniality. The girl who won was the daughter of a previous winner. She danced to that "Lean on Me" remix. I, on the other hand, didn't quite get what pageants were about and did a monologue from "Nunsense." And dressed up as an overweight nun. Complete with extra padding and bifocals.

2) I have a degree in German Language. It's terribly useful.

3) My mom's family was all Quaker, until my grandmother's generation. Came over in 1683. Land grant from William Penn.

4) I used to be afraid of riding in taxicabs. Until I got in the Mercedes-Benz versions all by my lonesome on my solo trip to live in Bremen, Germany, all by myself.

5) Up through high school (ok, til I met Luca in Germany), I was virtually unaware that the clothes I wore regularly, though I thought they were, were incredibly unstylish. Thank goodness for engaged Italian lovers who can gently explain to the innocent little American girls that wearing sweats all the time is not in the least bit attractive.

My tags: Scarlet, CapHill Barbie, Carrie (ok, it's suppsed to be 5, but I thought I'd keep it to folks I thought would really respond).


Carrie M said...

the view from dupont tagged me last week, so i posted my 5 secrets on my personal blog.

you're my pick for harvest queen always, babe! ;-)

Miss Scarlet said...

Yay! I'm probably the only person on the interweb who LIKES to be tagged.

MotorCityGirl said...

It's hard to come up with things your old friends don't know, isn't it.

DC Celine said...

Carrie M - if only you'd been a judge, you would've see what they couldn't.

Scarlet - so pleased I could make your day ;-)

Motorcitygirl - Yes, yes. But you have a bit of an advantage, having known me for (gulp) 26 years.

Anonymous said...

oh my god I can't believe the community fair is online... major flashback!