22 January 2007

The Pain Ain't So Bad - It Hurts So Good

I washed all my tights last week. They'd been piled in a corner, then in a bag, then...well, H finally held me down 'til I washed them. Such a royal pain in the rear, handwashing them.

Of course, it means I can wear them. Novel idea.

So this morning, I decided I really wanted to wear The Incredibly Painful Shoes.

I figure maybe, just maybe, with tights, they won't be so painful.

So in the bag they go, and on go the flats for the commute. Change at work - oila! No pain. Walk to get my breakfast. No pain.

All day long, compliments roll (ok, 2 people said something) in. No pain.

About 3:30-4 o'clock, though it starts. A leeeetle tight. Just a squeeze.

They're still on, and darn! do they look good (black baby fishnets & an LBD), but my tootsies are definitely eagerly awaiting escape.


Miss Scarlet said...

Wow, what a great look!

DC Celine said...

Miss Scarlet - why thank you, my dear. I do feel like my style mojo's back - if only just a little.

natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

Very sexy. I say - suffer through the pain. It's worth it.