23 February 2007

Guest Post: Miss Scarlet Takes on Frigid Fashion in NYC

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be many guest posts from the Infintessimal Readership (Baby B, I'm still waiting for your report of the Christmastime wedding black dress extravaganza!). Attended an event? Discovered Secret Store you aren't sure you want to share because it's just so good you're torn about whether you want to let others in on the secret? Been abroad in other fashionable places? Email me at dcceline.blogspot@gmail.com with your submissions. While I can't promise I'll post all of them ('cause I'm sure they're going to come gushing in), I'll certainly do my best.

The Scene: Scarlet, aka Miss Scarlet, spent her Birthday Weekend in NYC. She wrote in before her trip asking about what to pack. I tried to help, but in return made her promise to tell us what she saw up there.

Scarlet writes:

Packing for my birthday weekend in New York City was more stressful than it should have been. After reading all of the March issues of the fashion magazines and checking in on The Sartorialist, I had it in my mind that I wanted to take some hott fashion up north to truly represent DC’s style. With the help of DC Celine, I packed the following after realizing that taking out a small loan for new clothes just wasn’t going to happen:

- Jeans- Comfortable and the best staple there ever was. Mine were either trouser cut or straight-legged and well-fitted.
- Black, Jcrew, down coat. Warm and stylish, which is key when it’s February and 20 degrees out.
- Black, lightweight, V-neck sweater for Saturday night with a lacy camisole for underneath.
Diesel shoes. Walking in the city when there is snow and slush everywhere is not the time to break out anything new.
- Large sunglasses- To stay as incognito as possible from the paparazzi.

Now, what style did I see in NYC? Well, to be honest, mostly I saw a lot of coats because, like I said, it was very cold. Unlike Philadelphia (I was there just a few weeks ago) where 90% of the population was cloaked in full-length down coats, New Yorkers did have a more fashionable take on staying warm. My favorite styles I saw were of the military pea coat type with interesting detail on the front* as well as the puffy ones like I was wearing.

Shoes were something else that stood out as we traipsed around the city. And not in the Manolo way, but, unfortunately in the Ugg way-*sigh*. I know it was wet and cold, but it seemed like 70% of the women we saw were wearing some form of furry boot. Over jeans, under jeans, with skirts, with (*gulp*) sweatpants…they were everywhere! Tsk tsk, NYC.

I don’t have much to report on about night-time styles as the only thing I can recall from the bar we went to is that it was full of men and they mostly just wore jeans and button up shirts. Next time we go up there, I want to visit more of the shopping areas to really soak in some NYC fashion. Maybe we’ll see Gwyneth Paltrow-I love her style!

Thanks, DC Celine!


*Very hard to explain, but they weren’t the typical Navy pea coats. They were more fitted, with belts and hooks on the front. OK, the coat I’m describing sounds crazy, but I can’t find a picture!

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