13 February 2007

Style Dilemma: Birthday in Freezing Cold NYC

Scarlet writes: So we're going to NYC this weekend for my birthday and it's going to be super cold and we'll be walking a lot, but I want to look stylish and trendy. Thoughts?

Scarlet, first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A Weekend in NYC is a perfect way to spend a birthday, in my book. But then, I'm the one who giddily spent her honeymoon there, so...

Secondly, down to business.

1) Coat checks are your friend (make like a boy going to a bachelor party, and keep some singles on hand for the nice people who "watch" your coat)

2) Scarves are always a fab accessory (as is not freezing)

3) Boots. Preferably something flat. Think equestrian or, better yet, farmer (but please no Uggs!). Don't know how you feel about the "tucked in look," but this is one of the few times I agree with it - with no-nonsense, eternally flattering farm-related boots (think rugged, like the Frye version at right, or elegant, more like the Ralph Lauren pair I didn't win on e-Bay last week). And I love them non-chalantly with tights and a flowy dress (but only for inside this freezing cold weekend!)

4) Layers - under the coat you're going to check at the restaurants, museums and clubs.

5) If you must wear a skirt (and I don't mind saying that you'd be insane to), Tights. Capital "T."

6) Be a Lady. Wear gloves. I'm still in love with the now "so over" longer-sleeved versions. But a demure, cashmere-lined (must have lined) pair of leather will do. Color? Your choice. If it's too cold for gloves, go Totally Silly and wear an off-the-wall pair of mittens, but keep the rest of your ensemble sedate.

As far as tops, cowl neck sweaters and graceful dolman-sleeve sweaters (perfect opportunity to wear one before spring, for example) are some of my cold weather friends. But always put a presentable and stylish cami or T underneath, in case whereever you are is sauna-like. Or wear a tunic like the Target version at right, and make my grandmother ("Make sure your coat covers your bottom!") happy.

Bottoms? Jeans. Trouser jeans. Thank goodness they're back. Or dressier trousers. (But neither with the tunic. Stay skinnier with a tunic.) Good thing about these? They're usually wool. That's a good thing in the cold.


Miss Scarlet said...

AWesome awesome awesome! Thank you SO much!

DC Celine said...

Scarlet, now you have to tell us what you do take with you!

Miss Scarlet said...

I will! My tough part is always shoes. I own TONS, but never the ones I need, ya know? Makes me glad I bought my hott coat before, though:)

Amanda said...

I was wondering if you can post on your "trouser jeans" description. I have the worst judgement when it comes to buying jeans.