03 February 2007

Style Dilemma: Baby Sis' Bridal Shower

Baby Sis writes:

ok - so i found this really pretty navy sweater - it's a soft v-neck, blousy at the top and ribbed/fitted at the waist. [DC Celine interjects: since she bought it at an outlet - well done - she couldn't find a pic. The one at left is similar in shape.] it has those wide, elbow length sleeves (you know the ones where the arm hole is big??). it's so graceful and pretty on. i thought i'd wear it for my shower but i'm not sure with what! i'm thinking a pencil skirt, either winter white or goldish and brown round toe pumps. i was thinking about wearing tights but i'm not sure what color!! what do you think??

Apart from being your proud Big Sis and Plotter of Bridal Activities, I think you’re right on target with the graceful dolman-like sleeves and understated navy. Winter white is a good choice. But I’d go with slacks. Personally, I’m a fan of the “new” Kate-inspired wide-leg trouser (and am thrilled they’re back and gracing the pages of InStyle and every other “how to” fashion mag). They’re flattering and infinitely wearable. Of course, the Armani Collezioni version at left are waaaaay out of the average girl's price range, but you get the idea.

The skirt, while a girly choice, I think could end up looking rather businesslike. Though with black opaque tights (maybe a teensy bit of a pattern) and brown pumps, like you say, could make a great statement. Maybe.

If you choose trousers, definitely pull out the caramel brown pumps – peep toe with tights could be cute – and cap it all off with some big gold jewelry. It might scream “nautical,” but if you make an unusual pendant choice on a necklace like this Barefoot Czarina necklace at unsungdesigners.com, then you’ll be in the clear of manning the mainsail.

And you won’t look back on your Bridal Shower Pictures and wonder, “what was I thinking?” Better yet, your daughter and granddaughter will look at the pictures and say, “What great style she had – even then!”

Now that we've got you all settled...what the heck am I gonna wear?


Miss Scarlet said...

I have one of those sweaters and have yet to wear it. I need to before (yuck) spring.

DC Celine said...

Miss Scarlet - what's keeping you? 1) it's a gorgeous shape, and 2) you can definitely wear it well into the spring.

(PS, I'm right with you on the ick, spring part. So bummed that my office is too warm to even think about purchasing anything warm and fluffy)

prettyinpink said...

So I ended up shopping before I read your response big sis but I found a straight skirt with a kick pleat in the back. It's brown, dark brown, cream small plad with a thin light blue stripe in it. Sounds funny, i know, it's kinda hard to explain and I can't find a picture of it but it's a bit retro and a bit funky. I had a seriously tough time finding something!

DC Celine said...

We'll be sure to post a pic after the shower to show the result. Retro & funky = good in my book.