03 February 2007

DC Celine's Recurring Style Dilemma

Woo Hoo! Success!

Finally, I found a(nother) pair of flats that work! My apologies to those of you who've heard this rant before. But I really needed to replace my nasty ol' but originally adorable black patent leather flats. H is ready to throw them out and have me go barefoot, they're so nasty.

I was walking down Wisconsin Avenue Thursday, and crossed the street, just in case there was something at Nine West. I'd been in a few weeks before, and each pair I tried on had something irritating about the fit. Cute, very cute, but just didn't fit right.

So on Thursday I walked past the window on Wisconsin, then did a double take. Brilliant green flats! What more could a girl ask for to pull her out of a Fashion Rut? The Winter Blues cured in one quick shot.

Then I spotted the orange version on the shelf above. This warrants a spin through the store. Noisy rolling briefcase in tow, I purused the store. There were definitely some options, but I didn't feel like trying on anything, so I put it in my head to come back this weekend.

Mickey couldn't make it today (her poor little one was puking), so Greek Goddess came to my rescue as Wing Woman. We dashed in to Georgetown, made a beeline for the Nine West store, and oila! there I was, trying on shoes.

I tried the black version of Lavetta first. I fell in love with the red version, but it's suede, and just not as practical. They were soft, soft leather, and very comfy, except for the teeny part right at the corner that rubbed. I'm a strong proponent of "if it's at all uncomfortable in the store, that will multiply 1000-fold when you get them home," so off came the incredibly cute driving loafers. (Both GG and I did the "oooh, they're so cute" as soon as they went on.)

Then I tried the orange version of Gain. Because while the green version caught my eye in the window, orange acts as a more versatile "neutral." In my hand, the leather wasn't as soft as Lavetta, but on, they were perfect. Comfy, great color, and as a bonus, the perfect counterpoint to the indigo top I had on today.

Out came the check card (no deficit spending for this fashionista), and in the bag they went.

That was easy.
And that success of course means I deserve a kleiner Brauner at Kafé Leopold.


natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

flats - good idea to get used them now... and how convenient that they are so fashionable at the mo'. Will make being preggers that much more fun for you!

DC Celine said...

Thank goodness they're in...means the choices are plentiful. Though it still took me forever to find a new pair.

But I'm still in denial...I'm wearing heels as long as humanly possible...SJP did it, I can too!