03 February 2007

I'm Coming Out

I've been agonizing for days about how to write this.

No, it's not bad news - it's good news.

Really good news.

But I had to find some incredibly witty way to tell The Infintessimal Readership. Catchy, intelligent, original...

Yeah, I couldn't come up with anything, so I'll just tell you.

Let's just say that, as the Real J told me, the blog could take a whole new direction: hip, stylish maternity garb.

H and I are thrilled (and scared) to announce that there will be a Blog Baby arriving in July.

So far, this has been a strange and wonderful experience. Now that we're "out," people are nicer, kinder, sweeter. They ask how I'm doing. They ask if we're doing well, what our plans are for all sorts of things. The Powers That Have Been Through This Before tell me that I'll soon tire of all the extra attention.

Until Monday, The Bean, as H and I have dubbed it (yes, it. We're old fashioned - we're waiting to find out), hasn't affected style choices at all. Then, on Monday, I put on my favorite suit pants, and pulled. Up they went, just fine. I tugged them closed.


They buttoned, but comfort would not have been a priority that day. So stretchier pants went on that day, Tuesday was a skirt that's usually too big, and Wednesday called for a LBD (dinner with H's business partners). By the time I got to Thursday, I took the plunge and pulled out the gorgeous black pinstriped Kate (Hepburn) slacks that, by all "1 year" rules, I should've given away a while back. They're still too big, but not so big that I couldn't wear them.

So today Mickey and I are headed shopping. I'm not ready to use the Old Navy gift card she sent for me to buy M clothes. My goal is actually to try and get through the 10 (yes, 9 is a myth) months with minimal M clothes purchase. Certain wise women (cough, cough Babsie D) are trying to smartly convince me otherwise. But I've chosen to go blindly go forth and hope. Not that there aren't cute M clothes - there are...but I've made up my mind, and, well, I'm stubborn.

So there. I'm out.

I promise not to highjack the blog with random stories of pregnancy. This is always, and will always be, about style.


BabsieD said...

Glad you're out--sad that you're still under your CRAZY DELUSION that you won't be wearing pants with the big panel within a few months time! You're only setting yourself up for disappointment (and missing out on the most comfortable clothing in the known universe!!!)

DC Celine said...

I know, I know...just let me keep the delusion...but...maybe the pants with the panel will keep me from having to even try this horrible-sounding pregnancy girdle MIL keeps recommending (I hate anything that pinches, like stockings, girdles, etc.)

natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

So fab!!!! Fab, fab, fab!!! Very happy for you. And, you WILL be the most stylish mom-to-be in DC...

Karen A. Watkins said...

Can't wait to see you rocking the M and non-M wear! I had the same approach to baby #1. All was fun and games until I was getting dressed for a wedding ... epic fail. Anyway can't wait to follow your progress! Congrats!

DC Celine said...

EEEEP! Little did I think that re-posting this 5+ years later would make folks think I'm pregnant now! Thank you so much, but NO! We're done - happy with The Bean and Bean No.2. No more maternity wear for me! I've passed it all on!

Karen A. Watkins said...

Ok, now I see the date of the original post!! The comments threw me!!

Alyson said...

LOL, fully thought you were pregnant again until reading the comments! :)