02 February 2007

The Full Scoop on C-Mart Washington

Again, local news to the rescue. [Update: M found this post.com article on the opening, as well.]

This morning, in between foundation and deodorant, I hear the commercial again.

Saturday 17th February
Doors open at 10 AM
Exit 17B on 495 (right in front of Fed Ex Field)

C-Mart Washington Opens with 120,000 sq ft of Shopping Space

The alert sent out late last night to email subscribers explains it all. C-Mart wanted to make sure we, The Shopping Community, has the opportunity to spend money on even more deals. Apparently, there have been lots they've had to turn down because they couldn't logistically handle the loads. So now, with the Baltimore-area and Washington-area stores, our opportunities are 2x greater.

At least that's the spin they put on it. Makes relative sense to me. And makes it much less of a trek to get there, without removing the opportunity to slide off 95 on the way back from the 'rents in PA.

I'll be in LA that weekend (pooey!), but welcome any Guest Reporting that might come from a First Day Visit.

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Miss Scarlet said...

I won't be there bc that's my birthday and I'll BE IN NYC!