31 January 2007

Mark Calendars Now - District Sample Sale Returns!

To set the stage...

You spent Christmas justifying all the "presents to yourself."

You waaaaay overspent on those gifts that were "just perfect" for your girlfriends.

You just had to sample each and every item on the buffet at the company party - it was a top-of-the-line caterer, after all, and well, it's your job to make sure it's perfect.

In other words, Excess, Thy Name is DC Fashionista.

Now you're back at the gym (there just wasn't time during the busy holiday season), you've cut all pasta (except for the occasional whole wheat version - let's not be hasty, here) out of your diet, and you're back to drinking 8 glasses of agua a day.

But you're still feeling shallow and self-indulgent.

So mark your calendar. I have the perfect solution.

District Sample Sale
28 February 2007
Doors open at 6 (judging from last time, the line starts forming at at least 5)
Vodka cocktails (Snow Queen), Austrian pastries (Kafe Leopold), and wine (Barefoot Cellars)
Shopping. (full and regularly updated list of participating stores at www.districtsamplesale.com)

$35 gets you in, and it benefits S.O.M.E.

If you're feeling particularly guilty about your holiday sprees, $250 will get you a bigger tax write-off and 3 tickets (not to mention "VIP access" and goodie bags.

The coveted slips of paper go on sale 6 Feburary on the DSS website.

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