30 January 2007

A Scoop Worth Watching the Local News?

H teases me all the time for watching the local news instead of the Big Bad Cable Network News.

"It's all bad news," he says. "Just shootings and people missing."

Well, two arguments to counter that.

1. I like to know what our DC government has or hasn't done. I'm the only one in the family who knows (kinda a fun position to be able to explain what's happening with Metro 'cause I'm all, like, informed).

2. You see commercials for C-Mart coming to Washington, D.C.!
Yup, you read that right. C-Mart in D.C.

So it's not a real scoop, I didn't get it from a Secret Confidential Source, like some of my BlogWorldFriends* have. I got it from plain ol' TV.

Unfortunately, I didn't catch the details. All I could catch in my just-awakened stupor was the logo, what I think was RFK stadium, and a date. Not which date, unfortunately. I can't tell you where, when, or even what, other than C-Mart. But I'm putting the Non-Rumor out there and hoping the Infintessimal Readership can come out swinging and figure it out and share...the website is tight-lipped.

Anyone? Permanent or temporary relocation? Furniture or fashion? We want to know!

*Sorry, Babsie D, it's just jealousy. Honest. I want to have a Source.


Carrie M said...

so what if it's not from a source, that is some great news!!!! hence the plethora of exclaimation points...

BabsieD said...

Woo hoo--that's AWESOME!

And yes, I do have sources--sources that must be protected at all costs (yes, kidding. These days, however, I cannot gossip with my girls without them quantifying each morsel as "don't blog this" or "blog this, just don't mention my name".)