29 January 2007

Pinnacle of American Style?

I'm going to take a wild guess that a bunch of you reading will say: "What! are you talking about?!" as you read on...

Miss America is tonight at 8:00pm EST on CMT.

If anyone else was as, uh, relaxed as me this weekend, and flipping through for trash TV, and just happened to flip to MTV, maybe you stumbled on the pre-pageant reality show. I'm a sucker for pageants. (No, it has nothing to do with my unrealized dreams of pageantdom, I promise.) Also a sucker for reality TV. Especially when no one's around to "catch" me watching (MIL & H were away this weekend).
I'm wondering what it'll be this year. There's so much talk about modernizing the organization, the competition with Trump's Miss USA/Universe organizations, and just the relevance of it all (they've now given up on calling it a "scholarship program," and finally reverted to calling a spade a spade).

Will they succeed? Will we see the girls beyond the sparkle? Is it about now? Or is it a lovely tradition that's about to fade into history?

Watching the reality show this weekend (repeated a bazillion times on VH-1, MTV, and CMT all weekend), I'd say not. The scene that says "it's still here, and here to stay" is the spot on the mini-pageants they did in groups - spotlighting the decades the pageant's exsisted. The girls and judges laughed at themselves, and poked fun at their own sterotypes. If they can do that, then maybe they'll still be around as role models beyond Mario's debut (or was he there last year?) as host.

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