23 February 2007

Stylish Sips: Customized Cocktail for the Bride

We all know the polite how-do-you-dos, group pictures of the bridesmaids, quiche, and heartfelt, tearful thank yous from the bride. That's a bridal shower. A few of us avoid them whenever we can. Especially the Opening of the Presents.

I and five other Lovlies (with a little help from mom - thanks mom!) and a lot of help from Chef Lisa, our "family caterer*," threw a heck of a Bridal Event for my Baby Sis. Family, friends, and family friends were there, all to celebrate and toast her.

And what did we toast her with, you ask?

Well, fortunately, I happen to know this wonderful resource. Her name is The Liquid Muse. Or at least her nom de (plume?) is. Natalie Bovis-Nelson, known to the world as a lovely liquids writer via her columns and her blog. What she doesn't tell folks online, though, is that she also is a Cocktail Consultant. Give The Muse your likes and dislikes, the mood you want to set, and oila! a Custom Cocktail, just for you. For example, I gave The Muse Baby Sis' details:

she's 26, nearly 27
we're from southeast PA, near philly/wilmington, DE - kennett square, PA, is the mushroom capital of the world (i kid you not)
she went to va tech
lived in philly after school
is in marketing for a tool company
lives in chicago now
loves cosmos, loves anything bubbly
wedding colors - pink & cream. but her shoes are bright pink/red (which i wholeheartedly support)

And out came the Sparkling Sis. A brilliant concoction with blood orange bitters, grapfruit juice, and bubbly. It's refreshing, light, but full - lots and lots of flavor.

And even better, it's easily translated into an alcohol-free cocktail, 'specially for me (ok, so it wasn't just for me, but I felt like it was). The Muse built a cocktail that was smartly substitutable, and I could wander around the shower, drink in hand, and not feel that I was missing out on anything that I normally would've loved (I'm a sucker for anything blood-orange). Because I loved the booze-free version. So did my aunts and grandmother, and all of the other non-boozing guests. Literally everyone from grandma to sorority sister happily guzzled the Sparkling Sis.

So thanks, Muse, for helping Baby Sis' 'Maids give her a lovely, lovely party. Cheers!

*Not nearly as chi-chi as we sound, but it does come in handy to have a chef in the family. Chef Lisa is my step-dad's ex-wife's now-husband's daughter. See? Family connection. She also happens to make a quiche that isn't for ladies who lunch - her lorraine is to die for. And perfect with the Sparkling Sis.

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prettyinpink said...

and i must say it was simply divine!