27 February 2007

Shamless Plagarism for the Good of All: District Sample Sale tips

Labels for Love sent this email (I've left only what I deem to be the most important parts) out to ticket purchasers today. It's got some good advice for tomorrow's Big Event. Also, check out DC Culture and Fashion for a few more tips from a DSS veteran.
*Note* Just a reminder for your friends that haven’t got their tickets yet: Advance sales ends tonight at 10 pm and tickets will only be available at the door based on availability after tonight!
SOME Place for Kids Birthday Present: Bring a new, unwrapped present for one SOME Kid and receive a VIP gift bag! Read more about this wonderful program that helps over 70 children in DC on the www.districtsamplesale.com site

Shopping Tips to help you navigate the DSS:

Be A Quick Change Artist: While chic attire is suggested, please keep in mind that there will be no dressing rooms at the event, so dressing appropriately is key. Wear fitted clothing such as leggings or a camisole that you will still be comfortable wearing in front of others.

If You Don’t Need It, Leave It: If you’re coming to the District Sample Sale straight from work, leave your over-sized work bag and laptop behind.

Have a Strategy: Since merchandise will be selling quickly, arrive to the Sample Sale on time and ready to shop. Know your size so you can easily scan through merchandise. While it’s important to get to your favorite vendor first, be sure to stop by those you may not be as familiar with… that is where you may discover some of the best finds!

Be Ready to Buy: Most stores will be accepting credit cards but to make it quick, cash is always easier and make sure to have valid identification should you be paying with check!

All Sales Final: While return and exchange policies are up to each vendor, most sales will be final. Be sure to try on each item and inspect for any damages before you make a purchase.

Walk & Talk: After making a few purchases, be sure to peruse some of the additional Sample Sale vendors that you may not be familiar with, purchase a raffle ticket, and stop by the sponsor tables to enjoy a cocktail or mini spa treatment.

District Sugar Shack After-Party: After shopping, come get your sugar at the official after-party hosted by Phi lippe Cousteau, Jamie Hess, Drew Ladner, Matt Landsberg, Mauro Farinelli, Andrew Reese and Pirooz Sarshar. In addition to the bevy of handsome boys, there will be Cake Bar cupcake buffet, free champagne at the door, free Peroni beer and a boy’s stuff raffle including wizard tickets and designer duds from Alex Boutique, Eric Finn and Denim Bar!
There you have it - the goods on the DSS. See you there!


dccaf said...

thanks for the link! i love your blog! will you be at Cusp tomorrow before the DSS?

DC Celine said...

welcome! yup, planning on using my "press pass" to check cusp first. i'll be the redhead with the barely bump.