28 February 2007

You get what you pay for

Please tell me how this is ok.

A nicely made wool gabardine suit taken to the cleaners to be "expertly handled."

And they stick the tag right through the cloth.

I've been pissed at them for months for doing this (it's not just this suit, mind you, but blouses, skirts, you name it). I'm darn close to not going there anymore.

But if I don't go there, I have one remaining drycleaning option left in my 'hood. I've already gone against one (they shrunk my favorite red bouclé suit so that the lining is longer than the dress, "forgot" to replace the lining in a jacket and pants that I'd already paid for, and refused to take any responsibility for any of it). When we told them we weren't coming back, they plain ol' didn't care. And they're the "good" cleaners in the neighborhood.

So now, if I leave this one because they put holes in my clothes (as if that's a good reason), I have one remaining option. Then it'll require me to travel farther than I can walk, if they do something wrong.

I'd just as soon go all the way out to my old cleaner in Silver Spring - family-run, there forever, and honestly careful with delicate things. Even now, I take my fancy dresses out to Kessler's. And it's where I'll take my wedding dress when I get around to it (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know they say "right away," but really, who has time).


Raven said...

Can I just rant re: getting what you pay for? I ordered pants from JCrew online. They arrived in a hermetically sealed plastic bag, all creased and fresh-looking, tags still attached. Imagine my surprise when I reached into the pocket yesterday and came up with someone's hair elastic. With blonde hair matted in it. I also bought a sweater, which had five major pulls in it after wearing it to dinner one night. To dinner! I wasn't out playing rugby in it, for godssake. So, when dropping $200 at JCrew, I DO expect to get what I pay for -- unused pants and a sweater that lasts more than one evening. Pathetic.

DC Celine said...

Raven - eeeeew! Major eeeeew! Did you take either of them back? Do tell!

raven said...

I'm not sure what to do. I feel like I should at least complain but wanted to wait until I simmered down a bit. Unfortunately I found the hair thingie at work, which means I had to sit around in the pants all day. Should I mail the hair elastic back to JCrew? I feel as if that might just be overkill. But sure would make me feel better. :)