09 February 2007

Tired Random Fashion Thoughts

1) Thank you, Greek Goddess and HuskyGirl for your recommendation. Until recently, I didn't wear jeans to work, even on Fridays. Now, they're the most comfortable thing (and screw it, I say). Except that the waistband is getting a teeeeeeensy bit tight. So - undid that button and got me a big ol' rubber band (the kind you get from broccoli or asparagus bunches). Looped that sucker around the button and button hole - oila! pants are a little more comfortable. Now, if I could just get this kid to stop kicking my @##.

2) Baby Sis' bridal shower tomorrow. Packed in a stupor last night. Kept it light. H&M b&w wrap dress + Daslu boots OR H&M black babydoll sweater + grey tweed pencil skirt + Daslu boots. Just depends on how I feel tomorrow - or rather, how big I feel.

3) Not necessarily feeling big yet, just a little thicker. You wouldn't notice it on me walking down the street. But it is starting to affect style choices a little.

4) I guess I really should check with Jenny Yoo to see when I have to send in my final bump-friendly measurements. I had to change dresses a little, given that the Alana doesn't come bump-friendly, so ended up with Sophia. So much for wearing it again.

5) Looking forward to:

- LA trip - will show H the City of Angels and see The Liquid Muse
- Greece trip - over Easter. Darn. Just have to go visit H's relatives in Chania, Crete. Darn.
- Bump arrival - but that's a given, isn't it?

Now I'll go try and stay awake for the rest of my work day.


Miss Scarlet said...

I can not believe I missed the day when you announced this! I was like, "bump arrival?!" Congrats! I'm so excited for you guys!

And Greece?! Sheesh;)

Carrie M said...

my god, i can't believe i missed that you have an impending bump!! congratulations, darlin!

DC Celine said...

I can't believe you guys missed it, either :-(. It was the first post on my 17K-post day - so got buried at the bottom. No one noticed it. I wasn't feelin' any love.

But yup, there will be a Blog Baby, aka The Bean. Thanks for your thoughts!

Scarlet - I know - isn't it terrible? I must suffer. It was the first question we asked the doc - Can we go to Greece in April?! You can see where our priorities lie.

Carrie M said...

so sorry we missed it. but we are still happy - i have a great children's book recommendation for you. :-)