13 March 2007

A Little Bit Late: Fashion Wednesday in D.C. - Part II

Second stop. DSS. A long walk down M Street. (OK, so it wasn't that long, but I was already waning.)

Pays to know the organizer. She let me (OK, made me) sit down. Funny how The Bean takes over at times when you'd normally be perfectly perky and alive. Not so. If it weren't for Babsie D, I wouldn't have sat. I helped, too, though, so I don't feel like a total mooch.

What I liked:
  • Being in the thick of it all
  • Seeing pretty things all over the place
  • Seeing Young People Get Involved (Mary Washington College Fashion Club - cool young women helping and having fun at the same time)
  • Teensy bit of a power trip pseudo-manning the door and asking two Very Young Girls if they were supposed to be there. They were randomly wandering, shopping early, before things had started. I really wanted to kick them out. But apparently they were with Somebody Important in The Press. They were clearly researching an article, what with their arms full of packages and no notepads or cameras in sight.
  • Meeting Allison of Queen Bee - even though she spells it wrong, she's got incredible energy and gorgeous jewelry
  • Meeting Cassie of Simply Soles - there's always affinity among redheads
  • Buying two big chunky bracelets for $20 total
  • Buying two headbands for $15 total. Though the leather one is actually very painful, despite its flexibility. And the silk one, well, that slips off my head constantly. But when I'm willing to put up with the pain and keep readjusting my headband, they both work beautifully.
  • Watching the people.
  • Watching the people.
  • And listening to the people.
  • Best overheard 1: "It's been years since I've spent $136 on shoes."
  • Best overheard 2: [in response to 1] "I can't remember the last time I paid cash for shoes."
What I didn't like:
  • No places to sit
  • Not enough mirrors (note to vendors for next time: K-Mart's got them cheap!)
  • People whining that they didn't get their swag (for heaven's sake!)
  • For all the babydoll/empire/shift/tunic styles that have come through in the last season or two, not enough for me to buy. Being preggers, I kinda assumed I wouldn't be buying skinny jeans, but I was really hoping for a lovely kimono top or babydoll mini I could pair with a skirt or slacks. I really wanted to spend money, but couldn't!

The afterparty started early, and had a great vibe for post-shopping tiredness. DJ rocked. And I could barely keep my eyes open until H got there (business dinner at Mie N Yu). But was worth it, to see more People in Action. I could watch all day.


Anonymous said...

I didn't think it was that great. There weren't that many deals.

BabsieD said...

All good suggestions, indeed. Thanks DCC!!