15 March 2007

Spotted: DC Celebs at Neyla

H comes home last night, I'm almost asleep.

"Guess who I saw at dinner?"

"Do I know this person?"

"Yes. A DC celebrity. A couple."

"Do I know this person personally? Have I met them, actually shaken their hands?" (H tends to say I know people when I've been in the room with them - he's lovely, in that he gives me waaaay more credit for knowing Cool People than I deserve.)


We went several rounds like this. It was midnight. The Bean had been dancing for hours. Synapses weren't firing really well.

I tried the "Style DC" or "Political DC" question. "Style DC" he said.

Still at a loss.

Finally, he gives me the ultimate hint: he runs his finger over his eyebrow. In the glow of the bathroom light, I figured it out: Erwin & James.

The Washington Style Power Couple was dining last night at Neyla. H was outside, smoking a cigar, when he realized that he should Know Who They Are. He asked the manager hanging with him.

And then he saw them climb into a very pretty Big Brand New Car.
Funny thing was, I swung by his place this afternoon to make an appointment for a brow cleanup right before our trip to Greece in a few weeks. He happened to be client-free, so we had a lovely chat while Chanel napped in her little house. Just a good soul.


natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

I love Erwin! I wrote an article about him last year. Next time I'm in DC, I want to see his new digs.

(Now I know why your eyebrows are always so lovely...)

DC Celine said...

The new digs are gorgeous. And according to his website, they're going to have an amazing launch party in early summer. I'd better be on the invite list!

Anonymous said...

Hello Dc Celine Just Erwin and James Stopping by to say Hi and Happy New Years. Chanel says hit too. Love and Peace