03 March 2007

Style Dilemma: Black & White to a Nearly-Spring Baby Shower

31204ever writes:

Have wanted a skirt like this for a long time and finally found it at H&M last week. I maybe would like to wear it tomorrow to a baby shower. But I think that the skirt still screams "spring" and the weather's not quite there yet. What could I wear to make it less springy? Or should I just bag it for now and maybe wear it to another event when it really *is* spring? (Ahem, your shower.)

I have various long sleeve black tops, I have a corduroy black blazer, I have various black tights (textured and non), I have various black heels and knee-high black boots. I don't have anything nice that's pure white (all are off-whites).
Dear 31204ever:

First, great selection on the skirt. B&W is always, always, always stylish. And there are so many ways to wear it.

Second: to your dilemma. Part of it is solved by the fact that tomorrow is going to be very, very spring-like in the Baltimore-Washington area. So no need to pile on a big sweater - or even to wear your boots because you feel like it's "too springy."
That said, the boots and a fitted black sweater would work well and be appropriate. But only if you promise to throw on a piece of big, primary colored jewelry - like a big red or blue cuff bracelet. Yellow or green would work, too. Other jewelry, like the D.C. insitinctual jet beads would just blend in with this. You need a piece to "pop" alongside of the beautiful, strong pattern of the skirt. Either one or three (always an odd number, in my book) Alexis Bittar big bangles at left would work.

Black pumps - or better yet, flats, would work, too (with the black sweater, above), and be perfectly acceptable and lovely. Even better than that would be to take advantage of the weather and go barelegged with a brightly colored pump - again, primary colors (like the Taryn Rose peep-toe, at left, or a pretty pink, too, doing a monochromatic thing on the legs, and letting the skirt stand out). The colored shoes would take a little more fashion chutzpa, though. And if you have even more, drag out the colored (not textured) flats or low pumps and pair with plain black tights (as long as you can't see the tights through the white skirt). But if you do the bright shoes, go gold or silver (preferably gold) with a big bracelet.

And, of course, let us know...


Miss Scarlet said...

I saw that skirt and wanted to get it!

DC Celine said...

Miss Scarlet - with what would you pair it, my dear?