20 May 2007

A Big, Huge Thank You

Sugarplum and 31204ever are the bestest ever.

As are The Muse, Babsie D, AlaskaGirl, SisInLaw, Mickey, MortorCityGirl, BlueSuitGirl, MeghansMom, and the rest of the women to whom I haven't given a BlogName yet.

It was a good thing I had my grandmom's hankies. After yesterday's post, I did indeed buck up and get in the shower. Then I thought of MotorCityGirl flying all the way in from Detroit just for the baby shower, and I lost it. And on the way up in the car with MeghansMom, we were talking about the support moms-to-be and new moms get from the most unexpected places, and lost it again. I lost it again when I saw MotorCityGirl standing in the kitchen at Sugarplum's place, and again when I read 31204ever's card (she wins the prize for making me cry at the presents part).

It was a wonderful day. A truly blessed thing.

The Girls put together the most perfect non-shower shower. (I have a general aversion to showers, but baby showers are somehow ok - the stuff's just too cute.) A gently themed day (read: no bunnies or duckies, just fantastic colors, like grass green and Schiaparelli pink, flowers and fruit) with an understated, yummy menu.

Homemade chicken salad, fresh, just barely sweet rolls, crostini with asparagus and parmesean, a to-die-for spinach and strawberry salad perfectly dressed with a balsamic vinagrette (Mickey and I kept devouring it after most everyone else was gone; we just stood by the bowl putting demure portions on our plates, then another, and another, and another...), roasted red pepper and feta dip with just a hint of fresh garlic, and lemon raspberry thumbprints, and de-LISH-ious cupcakes dressed in buttery pink and green icing (baby and full-size versions). And we all fell in love with the fruit bush (can't think of a better name for it) my stepmom brought along (pieces of fruit on skewers all stuck in a floral arrangement style thingy) - especially the dark-chocolate dipped pineapple flowers, the leftovers of which are in my fridge right now, and which will be devoured later.

(I had a cupcake for breakfast this morning. After my healthy flax cereal and greek yogurt, of course.)

Drinks were perfect. Still and sparkling water, of course, and a white wine. Then italian sparkling soda...and two custom Muse Preggatinis (TM). Nat (very reasonably) couldn't fly in from LA (she must be designing cocktails for some A-lister) is just amazing and designed the Gingerly Gestating and Sparkle in Your Eye just for us. Both were delicious, but I couldn't get enough of the Gingerly Gestating...I'm a sucker for anything ginger.

Though I would have protested heartily if I'd known about it ahead of time, the Girls' games appealed to all of my competition-freak friends - with the right touch of non-cheesy cheeziness. In honor of Bob's retirement, we played the Price is Right (competition? Everyone wanted to know exactly where the items were purchased, so they could price them properly.) We won't discuss what it means that all the moms in the room lost the mommy purse game (do you have these mommy items in your purse) to two women with no children. I'm proud of my BadMommies. And as a side note, I'm not sure they would admit it, but the Girls even thought about which magazines to pass around for folks to write on: Gourmet. Somehow, completely by chance, I ended up with the one with Michel Richard on the cover - genius.

The Bean's going to be dressed well - especially with gifts from such stylish ladies as were in the room yesterday. Who knew Carter, Gerber, and Target are such design houses? It goes without saying that the marimekko and Momzillas will help. And BlueSuitGirl found the funniest nursery rhyme book - This Little Piggy Went to Prada (Amy Allen) - nursery rhymes redone with high-style, high-end labels. I laughed so hard at

It goes without saying that the ladies stepped up the style for the afternoon. Nary a sweater set in sight. I don't think there were any pearls, either. We had Pucci-esque tunics, cotton party dresses, and perfectly fitting jeans. As soon as some pics come out from the party, I'll be sure to post.

The Girls thought of everything. My two crafty Girls even made little pink and green purses stuffed with essentials like gum, tissues, cocktail recipes, and custom M&Ms (a new must-do for any event, in my book).

I can't thank you enough, Sugarplum and 31204ever. I only hope that when it comes time for the next party in your honor, I can return the favor as thoughtfully as you.


natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

The next best thing I could do, other than fly in (which I would have loved) was send a non-alcoholic drinkipoo in my place.

Sounds like a wonderful shower.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a mom and no where close to being one, but I adore This Little Piggy Goes to Prada. I quote them on cards, away messages, etc. whenever I can. They are just too fun!

Glad you had a fab shower!