01 May 2007

Shop in Style: DC Artist Takes Germany by Storm

...and then returns to DC.

Though happily ensconced in Eichstätt, Germany, and not able to come stateside, local artist Shoshanna Ahart is showing her work at gallery plan b through next Saturday, May 13th.

Shoshanna has a delightful way of playing with light and structure, making the things we walk by every day take on an otherworldly quality. She's lived all over - Miami, DC, Germany - and each city holds a special place in her heart and work.

So if you've been saving up for a splurge, head right over to the gallery for a look - you just might fall in love with a piece, like I did, years ago. I still haven't bought it (I have expensive taste - I go right for the ones "chained to the rack"), but I can picture the brilliantly soft orange Coronado roof against what I think of as signature Ahart sky. Make a beeline for the teensy ones, like Interior with Tulips, a mere 7.5" x 6". And you can feel good about branching up and out from the postcard-in-a-frame manner of decorating**

*Full disclosure: Shoshanna is a dear friend of mine, so I'm shamelessly promoting her work. It also happens to be that I think her an enormously accomplished artist whose work I would gladly hang in my home. The etching she gave me on my departure from an earlier job holds a place of honor in my bedroom.

**Not that there's anything wrong with that - not in the least. But there is something special about owning a piece, as teeny as it might be, of original art.

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natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

These are gorgeous. I like your stylish advice for wardrobe AND home...