31 May 2007

Style Poll: Name Your Style Today

As I'm leaving this morning, I "apologize" to H, "I'm going for the Preppy Pregnant look today." Bright pink and orange plaid collared blouse (sorta like the Motherhood Maternity one at left) and M khakis. Summery, bright, cheerful, I thought it might make me cheerful.

No luck.

So what would you call your style today? And is it helping your mood?


BabsieD said...

I broke out my fave TRB tunic today with white shorts and white Jacks--very cheerful. i've been in PMS hell (see--pregnancy does have perks!) and this has cheered me up a bit. Plus the tunic helps hide the fact that I've been scarfing BBQ Fritos like a man for the past week.

Chin up-you're doing great and looking fabulous.


DC Celine said...

i'm sorry, but all i can think about is the "momzilla" park avenue summer uniform...bee? are you out there?

seriously, though, the bbq fritos sound soooooooo good. might have to hit 7-11. just what category "accessory" are they in?

BabsieD said...

Yeah, it is kinda Bee, but it's still a fave.

The BBQs are THE must-have prego accessory--along with Breyer's Extra Creamy Chocolate ice cream and Toll House Cookies (the kind made from scratch, though the pre-made with a spoon works in a dire emergency).

Miss Scarlet said...

I looked kinda basic today. Jeans with a hite short-sleeved button up shirt with a black short sleeved lightweight sweater over it. scoop-like neck. with bright yellow flip flops;)