01 June 2007

Style Dilemma Solved: BlueSuitGirl Scores Sale Shoes

We don't have a picture of the bag yet, but BlueSuitGirl sent pictures of her Big Score Shoes for her trip. In the end, she sort of split the difference and did sandals and "walking shoes" to cover all of her Cairo bases.

Cole Haan's Air Brylee came in first for the "cuteness" factor to wander shops and restaurants...with Nike Air technology in the sole (heavenly), and on sale at $119 (normally $175).

Tsubo's Salus (Tsubo means "pressure point" in Japanese) makes for a great trekking shoe so she can view the pyramids in style and comfort.
Thanks to the Infintessimal Readership for suggestions...BlueSuitGirl promises to report in on her finds' results upon her return to the States.

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