01 June 2007

Style Dilemma: Bachelorette Cute - But Not "Too"

BabySis called me yesterday evening in a panic. So much so that when I didn't return her call right away, I found out she called Mom. Clearly, she was desperate (we love you Mom, but...).

She's attending a bridal shower and bachelorette party for a good friend (actually, one of the 'Maids from her wedding) this weekend, and needed some help.

First question was what to do about the bachelorette attire. The girls are going in a "uniform," with some of them buying a blinged out pink tank for the heck of it. But BabySis is, well, curvy, and bling on a ribbed tank looks, well, let's just say she's opting for an old skool white tank and either a denim mini or jeans (they're headed out in Annapolis, Maryland). So if she goes with the mini, she wonders, what to do about shoes? What won't look hoochy (in a bad way - because some hooch is good sometimes)?

Second question is what shoes to wear with a navy blousy top and pale silver suit shorts (not metallic). Her instinct was brown pumps, but in that frantic call to mom, mom said "not brown." She was all turned around, color-wise.

So what to do?

Funny, when someone calls with a question about what to wear, I tend to get pictures in my head from what they're describing. And when she told me about her denim mini, I pictured cream colored ankle-tie espadrilles (like the DKNY sandal version, top left). A little beachy, pretty, and girly, all at the same time. Colored ones would work, too. But she doesn't want to spend any money and buy new shoes. "I want to work with what I have," she says.

Then flats. Metallic flats, something like MIA's woven ballet Gabriella (2nd, at left). She has those, I know. But apparently, they're not in such good shape.

Her first thought was black patent pumps. "Nope," I say. "Hoochy. In a bad way." In fact, any pumps with a mini is pushing it - unless you have a big, blousy top - which she doesn't, for this event. So those are out.

"What about wedges?" I ask. Height (as if she needs any - she beats 5'9"), but not hoochy, and the wedge makes for easy walking on the cobblestoned streets of Annapolis. Score. She has those - in fact, the Amanda (Isaac Mizrahi for Target) pair I happened to recommend to BlueSuitGirl for Cairo. That should work. She sent confirmation this morning that she's packed those, along with some fun earrings and necklaces from which to choose on Saturday night. Perfect. I'm always a fan of a simple, neutral outfit with a big splash of color jewelry.

Next, on to the shower. A blousy (banded short sleeves and waist) scoop neck top in navy (H&M*) and pale silver suit shorts. My first response: brown pumps. Might sound a little odd with the silver, but like I've said before, brown can either be treated as a color or as a neutral. In this case, it's a strong neutral. A nude shoe would be to pale, and black too blah. So brown pumps or even pick a color - almost any color, other than gold (and even that could be done, if careful). Yellow, green, or red (classic, but stately), especially. And seeing as the only red shoes she has are her wedding shoes (yeah, BabySis wore red d'orsay pumps under her gown - a brilliant touch, in my book), she's opting for brown. My pick, if she didn't already have some? KORS by Michael Kors - grounding to the blousy top, and flirty enough to not look staid with the suit shorts.

BabySis, if you get a chance, forward a pic or two from the weekend and let us know how the style choices ended up. We'd love to see!

*Dear H&M: Please put pictures of your inventory on your website. I would love to look at the pretty things before I go buy them.
**Thanks to zappos.com for all of the pics! My favorite online shoe site, by far.

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