29 May 2007

Style Wish: A Targeted Socialite

In the midst of all The Bean Preparations, we hit Target last week. They're such smart marketers. Though we were there on a very focused mission (changing tables - you'll never believe how difficult a decision they can be!), with limited time, we walked in the door, and I was distracted by this adorable tote (we had to pass the bags to get to the baby gear). Even better was the display tagline: 60s Summer Socialite.

I have visions of stolling down the Atlantic City boardwalk in a headscarf and Pucci, with Etienne Aigner thong sandals*...tote over my shoulder.

And at less than 25 smackeroos, I think this "future yummy mummy" can justify it amidst the diaper bags.
***In my short online search, I couldn't find the old school sandals I remember. The "equestrian" ones (at least that's how I remember them) I always used to borrow from my mom. And then I finally got my own pair, and I felt oh, so grown up.


Anonymous said...

I love that bag so much - one question - does the white faux leather seem really faux?


DC Celine said...

Kim - I don't know - H pushed me past so fast that I couldn't get a good look at it. But I will be going back for a second look and will report back - let us know if you do the same.