21 June 2007

Forget Page 3 - Try Page 68

...of July's Washingtonian, that is. (On newsstands today - I've been watching them religiously. If I saw one more "Cheap Eats" issue, I would've screamed...but July is finally here.)

7 regional bloggers share their "Best & Worst" of Washington. From "best place for a first date" (After Hours' Catherine Andrews) to "Best summer drink" (a woman after my own tart-loving heart, metrocurean.com's Amanda McClements names Mio's blood orange margarita).

You can also find DC Celine's opinions about the "best place to find the perfect sandal," "best store for purses," and the "best rooftop spot for a drink."

The content's not online yet (later this month - I promise a link), but you can find it all on page 68.

Back to work now, I promise.


BabsieD said...

Now I get it! Awesome--congrats!

Miss Scarlet said...

Ooooh! I just put this issue out at work today !I'll check it out tomorrow!:)