21 June 2007

Style Dilemma Solved: Sue Over Tory

Back in May, Vivien asked whether to splurge on Tory Burch's Reva or Sue London "London Slipper" flats. She reported in on her results.

While she did take a look at the Nine West pair suggested, the colors just didn't do it for her. Fair enough. So she hit martin + osa to see the London Slipper. They were remarkably comfortable. As were Tory's version.

In the end, and after much deliberation (we're right there with you, Vivien; I guarantee that everyone reading this post has hemmed and hawed over some apparel purchase excessively), she wrote that she's opting for the London Slipper in Malay (hoorah! my favorite), and maybe a second pair in Magnum or Reef (at right, decidedly understated).

Vivien, I applaud your decision. I'm a fan of anything not on everyone else (read: the Tory Burch Reva). When I was out shopping for shoes yesterday, I was very nearly appalled at the number of Tory copies and every day I walk down the streets of DC, I see a bazillion Revas on feet. True, lovely colors, and the logo is not "logo-y," but really, I can't stand to have my feet (or any other part of me, for that matter) look like anyone else.

Thanks for reporting in...


Ballerina K said...

i completely agree!!! the revas are cute no question asked, but every where you look there it is!
im glad vivien chose the other pair!!!

panda head said...

good call - the tory burch logo is just UBIQUITOUS in these parts, and i don't usually use words like that before noon. that's how you know i'm serious.