25 June 2007

How Not to Age Yourself

This cream, that cream, this shot, that shot.

1001 ways to stay young and not age.

Call us obsessed, our culture.

My top 5 ways to stay young:
  • Think young. It's all in your mind, really. All of those women you see who just don't seem to age? It's not just the botox. It's in their carriage.
  • Dress your age. (Read: don't try to dress younger than you are - surefire way of revealing the numbers on your driver's license.)
  • Eat well. Notice I don't say "eat healthy." Eat what you like when you like it. Just remember to like things that are also good for you. If you feel good, you'll look good - and look young.
  • Drink well. Nothing like a glass of wine on a summer's day, or a cool cocktail on a summer terrace to relax you and make you feel completely pampered...thus making you look young.
  • Don't grow a bump. Somehow, I'm not sure how, you can have a complete and total babyface, and suddenly, when you're obviously preggers, you become ma'am. Great. Way to make a gal feel special.


Miss Scarlet said...

And drink lots of water. YUM!

That's funny about the ma'am thing.

BabsieD said...

Well stated, my sweet.

I'd add "take care of your hands"-nothing ages you like wrinkled hands. Damn those friends of mine who ALWAYS wore sunscreen and rubber gloves--their hands look like they're 12.

Be thankful that that ma'am-ing didn't happen until bumpness. I actually used my crows feet as ID once at Merriweather because I didn't have my license on me. And that was like 6 years ago.