27 June 2007

Style Poll: Summer Lovin'?

  • The porch at Tenleytown Guapo's, H with a "matrimonio" in hand.
  • Iced coffee, just about anywhere in the city
  • Breezy summer dress that blows up, Marilyn-style when you head into the windtunnel of our Metro
  • Someone else's swimming pool (note to self: find some friends who have a pool!)
  • Fruit at the famers' markets
  • Max's Best on a Sunday night
  • Dolceazza anytime

So what's your summer pleasure?


MotorCityGirl said...

Home-grown tomatos sliced and sprinkled with capers. Mmmmm.

Miss Scarlet said...

I love iced coffee. YUM!

I love sunglasses, too. And flip flops (sorry!).

Anonymous said...

So I had this incredible luck yesterday... along the same lines as your suggestion for my hot weather outfit... I found a mini-dress at the gap for 30 bucks... super cute and comfortable - washable, wearable, packable! Best part? hidden pockets! just thought I share my great find.