27 June 2007

Empire Backlash


Call me crazy - and you probably will - but I just don't get all the backlash I've been seeing lately. Poor empire-waisted dresses and tops. Everywhere from fashion chats to gossip discussions - they're just getting slammed. The venom is just overpowering.

And I'd venture to say that at least some of the people who are now naysayers recommended a Josephine or two when they first made it back into mainstream fashion.

Maybe I'm jaded. Maybe I'm 5'9". Maybe I'm pregnant. But I still see lots of women wearing them - and looking good. It's a go-to look for me...

What bugs me the most, though, is that a bunch of the chats and posts say that they hate them (now) because "men don't like them; men prefer women in tight-fitting clothes."

Ladies, please raise your hand if you dress exclusively for men.

That's what I thought.

There are plenty of styles that men just won't like, for lots of reasons. Individual taste, for one. But I just can't imagine that whole flocks of women will change their fashion for├ęs just because a man says he doesn't like it. More likely? Flocks of women will say "I'm wearing it anyway."

So Ladies, wear your empire and babydoll dresses with pride. It's summer. In Washington. And what could be cooler and more comfortable than a dress that doesn't stick to you? One in your favorite print or color, perhaps.

Go for it. Backlash be @#$%ed.


joyous said...

I'd also like to add that my boobs generally look amazing in an empire waist top or dress. What man doesn't appreciate that?

Miss Scarlet said...

Yeah, no way do I dress for someone else. My guy friends don't 'get it' anyway. (not saying all guys don't! some do, definitely.)

I do find that when I wear a looser-fitting style, that I tend to put my hands on my hips more or tug at my outfit some to make sure it's still obvious I have a shape:)

DC Celine said...

Amen, joyous. H says the same thing...So if, by chance, we happen to be dressing to impress, then score 1 for the empire!

Carrie M said...

thank you! I read about this in the post express today and I got so pissed. I LOVE empire waisted tops. For those of us without perfect tummies and ample breasts, it's a fab alternative.

dc pleats said...

I am also in love with the style - I wore a babydoll yesterday and am wearing an empire today - and my rack looks fantastic. Plus it's terrific that nobody (except all of you now) knows that I'm trying to hide the fact that I'm a tad bloated for the next four-five days...